HTTP Request generic header auth - please make 2 key-value pairs available [GOT CREATED]

HTTP Request node allows making generic credentials.
I want to use an API service that supports header auth, BUT, it requires 2 headers:

  • App key (i.e. Authorisation: AccessToken blablabla)
  • User key (i.e. X-User-Authorization: Basic trololololo)

So far, I cannot store both in one generic header credentials, because it supports only one key-value pair. And I also cannot assign 2 different credentials inside a single HTTP Request node.

It would be great to store multiple values inside one header auth credentials. Or at least add one “+” button which shows the second pair of header values (I’m not aware of APIs with header auth requiring more than 2 key-value pairs, but the two pairs is not so uncommon either).

Thanks a lot for considering this feature request!

This has my vote.

That sounds like a really great feature wish!
You have got my vote!

Additional vote from me.
The RapidAPI for example with Yahoo Finance ( Yahoo® Finance API Documentation (Free API Key for Developers) [2021] ) requires the two headers as an authorization method.

Kimai is a self-hosted timetracking tool.
The API need 2 variables in the Header to use:

.headers.add({key: 'X-AUTH-USER', value: 'susan_super'});
.headers.add({key: 'X-AUTH-TOKEN', value: 'api_kitten'});

That is possible with the generic credentials which got merged recently:

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can we also have 2 or multi-header auth name and value sections in the webhooks?