HTTP Request Keep Data

Hello there!

I have a workflow that produces some JSON data. I want o call a WebService via the HttpRequest node multiple time to make some lookups in the json data.

With HttpRequest the output is always just he return of the Request. Is ther a way t keep the Source/input of that node?

If not I will go for a funtion node and do a node-fetch request and manipulte the data there.

Regards Sebastian

No that is not possible. But what you can do is to add a Merge-Node after it. With it, you can then merge together the data from before the HTTP Noded and of it.

The “Mode” should be set to “Merge By Index” on the Merge node.

So something like that:
Screenshot from 2021-02-11 09-43-51

That fits requirement!

Happy to hear!

Have fun!