HTTP Request Re-Login all time

Good morning community, how are you?

I wanted to ask you about the Http Request node, when I use it with G Suite Admin (in my case) every so often I have to relog the account, it’s like it logs out, is there a solution to keep it permanently logged in?


Hi @Internalit_Automatio, can you confirm how you are authenticating with Google? Is this through OAuth2 by any chance? If so, are you requesting a renewable token (check out this post for details on how to do so)?

Also, which version of n8n are you currently using and how do you host it (self-hosted via docker etc./desktop/cloud)?

Hi @MutedJam, how are you?

We use Auth2, we have n8n in K8S environment in AWS, version n8n: 0.189.0.

There I saw the link you gave me and changed the URL to: auth, in Auth URI Query: access_type=offline&prompt=consent and Authentication: Body

Am I missing some configuration?