HTTP Request return Forbidden - Perhaps check your credentials?

Hey guys
I’m having a problem with a fresh install of n8n. This HTTP Request is requiring a credential, however this request does not need one.
I have two other installations of n8n, including one on the same server, where this node runs without any problems.
Some attempts I’ve made were to change the ports inside the docker-compose.yml file, but without success.
What could be happening?
Is the documentation for installing docker compose correct?


Hi @BotConnect, welcome to the community :tada:

I am sorry you’re having trouble, though I am not sure I fully understand the situation. Perhaps you can provide the full information from our template for new posts in the question category?

In particular, it’d be good to understand which request exactly you are making, which error you are seeing, and which version of n8n you are running.

Hi @MutedJam, sorry for my English. Let me try to be more clear.

I’ve set up an Http Request node to grab a set of data from a system. This system requires a token which is sent along with the url as a query.

I use this same request normally on an n8n install on a certain server. However, I decided to install n8n on another server and migrated all Workflows to this new server.

What’s the problem, did it come up?

On this new server the request returns the error I posted earlier.

Error 403, as if the system sending me the data needs a credential, but it doesn’t need one, just the token, which is already correctly configured.

Could it be a problem with my domain or subdomain?
This one is different from the old server domain.

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