Http Request returns table with blank space

Hey guys, new to n8n moving from Zapier/Celigo/scripting.
I currently have a POC workflow that grabs info from Google Sheets and makes a Steam api request for Pricing info.

However the issue I am seeing is when I pass the ID’s to the HTTP request the table created contains each json response. A json response is fine in itself however only the first ID has a response in the first row. The second and onward have a blank space in their first position and populate the table in it’s n position.

An example of this table looks as follows:

No error messages.

Information on your n8n setup

Local N8N App

I am considering hosting a server, however the google authentication to local host is problematic. But that is a whole different problem.

Hi @Ionoxide

Welcome to the community.

The table is the response from the HTTP node? Can you show some sample data? Would be most helpful if this is the actual JSON data not the table view, as this is just a representation of the JSON data.

There is probably a way to fix it, if not within the nodes there should be a way to create a function to do it.

Please see the screenshot below,
The ID in quotes here are a single entry coming from a spreadsheet.
Data within each id pertains specifically to said ID.

Hi @Ionoxide

I messed around for a bit. It is probably not the best solution. I don’t find it elegant, but it does work.

I think this is what you need. If you have any questions or it does not give the right result please feel free to ask.

I see, I believe the function will be required then to break out the json. In your script you reference items in items. The dummy data you have holds the items array. How would I go about referencing the json file or array if the data I have (seen above) has no array name/key on the output?

Hi @Ionoxide

Sorry, I do not understand the question.
The output you get is always assigned to a field in n8n, so then you can reference that field.
Please correct me if I misunderstood the issue.

If my example does not work for you, please give an example of the workflow where it does not work. So we can try to fix it for you.