HTTP Request with Authentication (Predefined Credential Oauth2/Microsoft OneDrive) do not refresh

Describe the issue/error

I have this node:

But if the Access Token has expired, it will not be renewed. Workaround: First run a OneDrive node with these credentials. (But this cannot be the solution.) Is an update planned?

What is the error message?

    "error": {
      "code": "InvalidAuthenticationToken",
      "message": "CompactToken validation failed with reason code: 80049228.",
      "innerError": {
        "date": "2022-09-13T10:04:51",
        "request-id": "UUID",
        "client-request-id": "UUID"

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n version: 0.193.5
  • Database you’re using: SQLite
  • Running n8n with the execution process: own
  • Running n8n via: Win10 >> nvm >> node v16.14.0 >> npm 8.16.1

Hi @BillAlex, I am sorry for the trouble this causes.

This sounds unexpected to me (and I don’t think it’s intentional) but perhaps @sirdavidoff can confirm? I’ll add this to our internal bug tracker for a closer look either way!

As a workaround, perhaps you can use generic OAuth2 credentials for the time being? The values used by n8n’s predefined Microsoft OAuth2 credentials can be found here and here.

Hi @MutedJam,
thx for issue reporting AND I have tested it with generic yet: This works! The OneDrive Node works too but as already described in HTTP node no refresh …

Hi @MutedJam, i’m having the same problema with outlook node.
Using version 1.0.5 hosted. Can you help me?

Hi @christiano, I just tried connecting with an MS Outlook account on my end but didn’t run into any problems here.

Perhaps you can try upgrading to the latest available version of n8n and double-check both your client credentials and URLs (making sure they haven’t expired and there is no empty space or mix-up between secret values and IDs).

If you’re still encountering the same issue afterwards, could you open a new topic describing which steps exactly you took to create your OAuth credentials? This topic is already marked as solved and it’s easy to miss new responses.

hum ok tks
I opened a new topic on the subject

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