Http request with letters not in English letters

hi everyone and thanks for the community

the workflow is after receiving a message in WhatsApp via webhook the workflow is storing the number and send back a message “נשמר” which mean saved in Hebrew

the problem is thet i would like to send the message in Hebrew but i get a response:
request path contains unescaped characters

but when i change it to English it works perfectly

this is the url - in Hebrewנשמר&instance_id=609ACF283XXXX&access_token=a2bdfb81XXXXXXXXXd8de9e

this is the url - in English

is there a way to send the url with the Hebrew letters?

thank you

Hey @Yossi_Yhezkel,

I have just had a quick play using to send the data and I have found the below method works, When the option is added to the query it looks like we encode it so you don’t need to manually do it.

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Thank you very Mach!!!

this is great!

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