Http requests and updating a table live

Hi Guys. Im currently using an api to get some data with the http node and export it to nocodb. My question is how can I update the data on nocodb live as its being retrieved, currently the entire node has to finish processing before it begins writing the data to nocodb. This is an issue because when the node occasionally fails due to an issue with the http requests all the data that had been previously retrieved is lost. Im also wondering if its possible to have an http node continue from where it left off from the previous input data when it fails and restarts instead of just restarting from scratch (to avoid exporting the same data twice).

Hi @Trash Welcome to the n8n community :tada:

Do you mind sharing the workflow? or a screenshot of it to understand how you’re currently doing.

Ive also been running into an issue where the http node only sends request for 15-20 minutes before stopping, it shows that its still running but no requests are being sent. The batching module also doesn’t send the exact amount requests within the specified time interval. Id appreciate your help with this issue.

Ive solved this issue using the split in batches node but Ive run into 2 other issues,

-slow http node

  • browser memory issue

I will open separate threads for these.

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