Httprequest VS cloudflare

How do bypass Cloudflare’s anti-bot page?

Sorry, but for such questions, this is the wrong community forum to help you. Can generally not imagine that it is possible directly with n8n, you need something that runs as close to a real browser (that can execute for example JavaScript) as possible. Best to check in special web-scraping communities. Anyway, do not believe you will get around using a paid third-party service to do that. We have a node for maybe they are able to do that. If not, then you can use any other service that offers an API and call it via the HTTP Request node.

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Well. As @jan said this is not directly possible with n8n

But I can give quick points which can help you.

  • You have to use Puppeteer or Playwright
  • Cloudflare can detect proxy (Setting up Proxy on Tab level might help in that case)
  • Make sure the browser is not running headless. (Cloudflare can detect headless browser)

Then with Express you can make an API and use it along with HTTP Node inside n8n.

I have never used (Node) but you can give it a try.

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Hey @aston_he,

I am closing this topic since it is not directly related to n8n. If you make it working, feel free to share the solution for the rest :slight_smile:

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