Https certificate

How long does it take for installation to create the https certificate.
I installed it 20 minutes ago and it’s still http.
My Lightsail port is already enabled for https 443 but my page is still running on http.

Can any friend help me?

Hey @Irineu_Granato,

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It normally takes a few minutes, it might be worth checking the logs to see if anything has caused an error.

@Jon 'm in the same problem. I’ve installed the N8n for 5 days and mine still stays as unsafe.

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Did you check the logs as @jon suggested? If so what does it say?

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Tanks. @jan

how do I check these logs?

Hey @kaiocoutinho,

Are you using docker on lightsail?

Hello @Jon
I’m using the lightsail

Hey @kaiocoutinho,

How have you deployed n8n on Lightsail? It is not a platform I am familiar with. If you are using Docker on Lightsail you can use the docker logs command to see what is going on in the containers.

Most of the time the issue will be with the email address used or the server doesn’t have the ports opened for the check to work.