HTTPS Request is not sending data in order

Screen Shot 2021-01-08 at 12.14.26 PM


Not really sure if this is on Jira’s end or I didnt set something up in n8n correctly, I pulled data from slack and wanted to push it to our JIRA with HTTP node, the data that I see after merge node is looking correct but once it goes through post HTTP node the ID’s of results are not in order so they dont show up in order on final page. But JSON still looks correct and in order. This is for comments to be added in JIRA service desk.


The request should be made in order. But as they get by default all send at almost the same time, it is possible that they maybe get processed in a different order by Jira. You should be able to solve that issue by:

  • adding the option “Batch Size” and setting it to “1” and
  • adding the option “Batch Interval” and setting it to something like “50”

That should decrease the risk of that happening. If that is not enough, you can increase the interval value to “100”, “150” or “200”.

Hope that helps!


thank you !!