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Describe the issue/error/question

I can’t connect my HubSpot account. It looks like HubSpot doesn’t recognize the Redirect URL provided by n8n. I can’t save within my developer account.

What is the error message (if any)?

“Set required details before saving changes: Redirect URL”

Information on your n8n setup

  • **Running n8n via Desktop: Version 1.8.0 (1.8.0)

Hey @abenichou,

Does Hubspot give you any more information on the error message? We sadly don’t control what Hubspot will accept but it could be that an ad blocker or similar is preventing the post request.

@abenichou - I just tested my HubSpot note running n8n on my Desktop using v 0.204.
So far things work smoothly on my end.

Not sure how you are connecting to HubSpot but I think it’s important to note HubSpot made some updates at the end of 2022…

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Hey @David_Go - it finally works fine on my end as well without further efforts, I don’t know why.
However, I would need your help regarding the HubSpot Trigger node.
I’ve generated an API key from my developer account that I pasted in n8n along the Client ID, Client Secret and App ID but when clicking on “listen for event”, nothing comes in. Would you be able to help me?

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Also, I’ve created a Private App within my HubSpot account as APIs are not longer supporter. I gave all the required scopes from HubSpot - n8n Documentation - 9. Trigger node.
Should I delete this private app if I’m using the developer API along informations generated for the HubSpot node (Client ID, Client secret, APP ID)?

Is there an option in Hubspot to send a test request to the trigger? I have not used the node in a while but as long as the scopes are in place it should be all good.

There can sometimes be a delay in sending test requests as well, Is there a log of some kind that shows the status of requests in Hubspot?

Yes, HubSpot has a log. When things are not working as I expect them to, I always make sure to take a glance at the log to see what has gone wrong. When I was first setting up HubSpot with n8n, the majority of the problems that I faced were based on the HubSpot app permissions settings. Sing setting this up things have been working smoothly :slight_smile:

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