Hubspot integration with Custom API

Hi all,

We have a custom API with a lot of leads and deals flowing through it. We want to push the data from this API into Hubspot using n8n. We will also need to do some degree of deduplication. We can likely do this ourselves, but I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in helping us build this.


Hey @bberenberg how many records are we taking about?

Hi @bberenberg,

Nice to know your plan. We did some integrations with Hubspot some time ago.

What kind of deduplication strategy do you want to apply to your leads?
We are always looking to create new tools that fix common user cases like dedup. Perhaps we can check if for you :slight_smile:

@RicardoE105 I would say ~42 deals per month and ~300 leads per month?

@Miquel_Colomer for example if someone starts multiple trials in a day, don’t create multiple leads for them? We don’t have an exhaustive list of items that need cleaning in the import process.

I assume that you are adding all your trial signups in Hubspot by a form submission (but no sure if you are using Hubspot forms).

I have found this

Are you using this capability for emails?

If you want to avoid duplicates by other fields, perhaps you can add a Hubspot node that checks if exists a record with a specific field value (like email in sample)

and if found, discard it.

But it depends completely on your current data flow process.

@Miquel_Colomer all the data is in another system. The goal here is for us to pull data from a custom API, and handle all the ETL into HubSpot using n8n.

Ok. I recommend you:

  • Recover records from custom api by HTTP node.
  • Deduplicate trials in a Function node by email values (this can be done in Javascript code easily).
  • Check if email exists as contact by a Hubspot node.
  • if not exists, insert record as contact using a Hubspot node.
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Yes I understand the high level of how to do it. This is the Jobs portion of the community. I was looking to see if anyone wants to be hired to do this work for us.

@bberenberg Does the API support filtering by the creation date? Does it support pagination?

@bberenberg Sent you a DM

Thanks all, we found someone to help with this.