Hubspot to Bigquery

Hi n8n!

I’m a rookie in n8n and I would really appreciate your help with a problem I’m facing :blush:.

So, I linked Hubspot to Bigquery, but every time that the Cron node is activated it is doubling my values in Bigquery. I think my problem is at the Hubspot node and the type of operation I chose. Anyone has any idea on how to change the ‘operation’ part in the Hubspot node? I have made 4 tables on Bigquery: Contact, Deal, Engagement, Company – with GET ALL choice.

According to n8n docs these are my possibilities for the operation choice:

  • Deal: Create/Delete/Get/Get All/Get Recently Created/Get Recently Modified/Search/Modified
  • Engagement: Create/Delete/Get/Get All
  • Company: Create/Delete/Get/Get All/Get Recently Created/Get Recently Modified/Search by Domain/Update
  • Contact: Create-Update/Delete/Get/Get All/ Get Recently Created-Updated/Search

Thanks in advance!