Hubspot Trigger and Authentication

With Hubspot Triggers - how does it connect with Hubspot’s new Private Apps?

On the latest version on n8n 225, and the Hubspot actions auth appear to be different from hubspot triggers

With Hubspot Triggers I only have the HubSpot Developer API which requires both the API key and the app ID.
Unless I am missing something, I was under the impression the Developer API Key had been moved to private apps thus I App Token auth method for Hubspot Triggers.

What am I missing?

Hubspot Action Auth Options

Hubspot Trigger Auth Options

Hi @Dwayne_Taylor - thanks for getting in touch about this!

Hubspot can be a little tricky to authenticate properly, I’m afraid. Can you take a peek at this post and see if it helps you out?

Also, one thing you want to make sure of is checking our Hubspot documentation - we need those exact permissions in the scope, and even one bit being off or unchecked can cause an authentication failure :see_no_evil:

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