I can not find the reason "ERROR: Cannot read property 'toString' of undefined"

Please, help.

Can you please make sure that you use the latest n8n version. It should then work fine.

March 27 updated to the latest version.

That is the day the last version got released. So impossible for me to know if you updated before or after the release. So what version are you running? Do you run the latest version which is 0.59.0? You can find which version you run by clicking on the question mark on the left side and then select “About n8n”.

Because the error you describe sounds like this one:

And it should have gotten fixed with 0.59.0.

Looking at your pictures above some more it also seems like your node is called “Webhook” but you reference the node “Webhook1” which does not exist. So that is for sure the reason why the expression does not display a value. If you run [email protected] that is probably also the reason why you get this error message.

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My version is 0.58.0
I’ll be updated tomorrow.
After changing the name Webhook1 - Webhook everything began to work).
Thanks, Jan for the tip.

Ah great to hear that this problem could be solved!

Btw. the easiest way to get the latest version number of n8n displayed checking on npm:

Have fun!