I can not stop a current node running

I try to stop or restart docker, but can not stop a current node running. I 'm afraid of my efficiency of server when this try to be in running time.

What n8n version do you run?

I run on ver 0.139.1 (latest)

We are not aware of any such issue with that version yet. Is that the first time that happened?

Generally does in such cases the execution not run anymore, for that reason it can not be stopped. It is just an issue that the database did not get updated correctly and for that reason does the frontend display it wrong. So for sure no performance implications.

Is it possible that n8n did crash and that caused this problem?

It is the first time for this, it seems happened just in this version.
Other nodes run normally, but I can stop this running time in this error node.

I do not have any update node at that time. I do not think this could be crashed, because of careful test before, and I ran this node everyday before.

Could you have option to kill running time, or kill automatically at max time running?

Not sure I understand. We have the option to kill a workflow after x amount of time. That would however not help here because the workflow is not running anymore and it is “only” a problem how it is saved in the database.

So it is a problem from database, sorry about my english.
Do you have any command in ssh to debug for this? Or an option to kill something with any error in database which has loop?

What you can do to get rid of this execution is to connect to your database directly with a tool like DBeaver and manually delete it.

Yes, I will try, that my job.
Thank you anyway.