I can't stop Workflows

Hi everyone.
This morning I discovered the option to view the logs.
When looking at them I have been able to verify that there are 3 processes that have been running for months, and they do not stop, even without having an assigned workflow.

Are you using a current n8n version?

Hey @victormiranda,

You should update to the recent version. We have made a lot of changes and fixed these common bugs.

@jan @harshil1712
Currently it is not a problem for me, I think it is more something visual than anything else, in fact I deleted all the workflows related to the problem. When i update n8n I will comment on the result.

Makes sense. But a bug which caused exactly that issue got fixed a while ago. As you mentioned was it really just something “visual”. As the workflows did not actually run anymore, they just got saved to the database wrong and so got also displayed with that wrong information.

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