I feel that an end-WF callback is missing

Am I wrong ?

  • very often people will want a notification (email, alert, mattermost, etc…) when a WF ends, failed or succeeded
  • in our case (webhook on alert), this is essential
  • so I create a generic notification-WF called by several WFs

This notification should also contain report details to inform users (applicative message, what actions did the WF, etc…). If the last node executed is rich (eg Function, we can pass information to this notification-WF) but if the last node is an Exec-command or similar ?

That’s why I think about this end-WF callback, maybe with few predefined attributes relative to the WF, which could be used in the notification-WF. And if the WF last nodes are numerous, this prevents as many arrows to the next notification-WF

Can I do something similar with current version ?

an exemple

Understand what you mean but as you showed there is already a good workaround for that. I am not sure that n8n has to build special functionality for that, esp because they are normally very custom per workflow so building a generic and helpful interface for that would be not easy (but have honestly not thought about it yet that much).
For Error-Workflows that is easy as they will always get 100% the same data, for something like you propose that would be much more complex to build something helpful and powerful.

I however moved it over to Feature Request that other people can upvote if they also think that it should be implemented at some point.