I get an error when folli=owing the tutorial to try and program my own node

I am following the tutorial to create a node. Tutorial: Build a programmatic-style node | n8n Docs. During the part where you declare imports, you are tasked with importing IExecuteFunctions from ‘n8n-core’. At this point I am presented with an error, stating that there is no such exported member in n8n-core. Does anyone know what’s causing this or how to resolve it? Similarily, it cannot find the module ‘request’ when you have to import OptionWithUri from said module.

Error message:
“n8n-core”’ has no exported member named ‘IExecuteFunctions’. Did you mean ‘getExecuteFunctions’?

Cannot find module ‘request’ or its corresponding type declarations.

I am running it using npm in VSCode. Node version: v18.16.0

Thank you in advance.

Hi @TheLoneWolf13 :wave: Welcome to the community :tada:

Maybe our resident node builder @marcus can help you out with this when he’s back on Wednesday after the public holiday in Germany? :slight_smile:

Hey @TheLoneWolf13,
can you try importing IExecuteFunctions from n8n-workflow like this:


We also have an n8n-nodes-starter on github that comes with example programmative and declarative nodes implemented.


Thank you for the reaction, the suggested solution works. That being said, it does mean that the tutorial for programmatic nodes on the n8n-docs has some outdated/incorrect data.

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