I Got error when merge two data source

hello this is my first post and i am new in n8n.

when i try merge 2 data source, i got error

ERROR: Field ‘2022-11-21’ is not present in any of items in ‘Input 1’

this is my flow

this is my last node

what this mean error ?
please help me,.

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Hi @ian_nugroho. I also experienced the same issue a while ago - luckily it’s quite easy to fix. The merge node expects the JSON keys and not the values.

So in your example, don’t drag and drop the values from your input, but instead type the keys of the fields you want to merge, e.g. input 1 field should be tanggal_rekening. Does that make sense?


hi @Niklas_Hatje its nice solution,…
thanks a lot ! its fix the error


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