I got this error when i run the cammand npm run build

Error: There is no module with the namespace “math”.

417 │ --color-#{$color}-#{$shade}-l: #{math.div($shade, 10)}#{‘%’};
│ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

theme\src_tokens.scss 417:37 theme()
theme\src_tokens.scss 472:3 @use
theme\src\index.scss 1:1 root stylesheet
messageOriginal: There is no module with the namespace “math”.

Any one can you provide the solution for that

Hi @chandreshwar, I have built n8n a few times now but didn’t run into this problem.

Perhaps you can share some details around what exactly you are doing? Which codebase are you using and how could one reproduce the problem you are having?

Hey @chandreshwar,
is this maybe related to another post by @AnjanaSAcroUser .

Did you create a fork of n8n-io/n8n and recently synced with our master?