I have a problem with the Google Calendar node

Hello, I cannot search or create events in the Google Calendar node using a javascript expression, this is the expression used {{ $today.set({weekday: 1, hour: 9, minute: 0, second: 0 }) .toFormat( ‘yyyy-LL-d hh:mm:ss’) }} in previous versions of n8n it worked without problems, I updated and it no longer works, for example, it looks for another date when I use the availability node it tells me that it is true when the searched date is true busy

- n8n version: 1.12.0
- Database: PostgreSQL
Running n8n via: npm
Operating system: UBUNTU 22.04.3 LTS

Hey @Toke_Chat,

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Can you tell me which version of n8n you were running before the update and provide a workflow that reproduces the issue you are seeing.

Hello, I updated to the latest version and now I am using the date and time node with the expression that I sent you at the top but now all the workflows that have the Google calendar node to search for events or to create I get this error that I sent in screenshot

Not seen that error in n8n before and I am not sure why you would see that with that node. Do you use a proxy or anything with n8n?

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