I have problem about eaten executions when use queue and worker

When I use queue and worker to run n8n, some complex workflow sent many sub-workflow. But it never done. When I see executions:

  • It just done the last sub-workflow
  • The first workflows before seems run, but have been eaten by others which go after.
  • That first workflow have run, but disappeard fast. And then it never report to be done
  • Its tasks failed too. Everything happened like nothing work.

This do not happened with single workflow
Do you know this issue?

This is log from worker

Start job: 8 (Workflow ID: 56 | Execution: 2044)

Start job: 9 (Workflow ID: 56 | Execution: 2045)

Start job: 10 (Workflow ID: 56 | Execution: 2046)

Start job: 11 (Workflow ID: 56 | Execution: 2047)

Start job: 12 (Workflow ID: 56 | Execution: 2048)

Start job: 13 (Workflow ID: 56 | Execution: 2049)

Start job: 14 (Workflow ID: 56 | Execution: 2050)

Sorry do not fully understand what the problem is you are seeing but the following is important to know:

  1. If you do not set in the workflow settings of a sub-workflow that it should be saved on success, then its data will get deleted directly after the execution is done
  2. A sub-workflow does not start a new workflow execution on a new worker. It simply runs in the same execution and on the same worker the main workflow got started on.
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Sorry when I used “sub-workflow”
In fact, it is 2 different workflows, I just call the second one by request → webhook in the first one

  • That means, I just see the second success, and the first workflow just run fast, and then disappeared forever.

I found there is a workflow sent to worker and it seems to run
But then it is disappeared, without any error log or failed execution

  • When single workflows are alright, the complex one have this problem

I think this is main problem. Do you know how to solve this?

Sorry, I found there is an issue with my plugin
Today, newest upgrade broke all data of webhook links. This caused problem.

I will check this. Thank you anyway for answer me.

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