I have slack notify about "timeout" for n8n

I try to send command from slack
And slack bot return this notification:

/command failed with the error “operation_timeout”

But at the end, command is still successful
How could I solve this?

I read a instructions about “sending a post message of confirmation to slack” here:
But don’t know exactly how to do with n8n?

As far as I know does Slack expect an answer within 3 seconds. If it takes longer then it will time out. So you either have to make sure that the workflow returns fast enough, or if it is not possible set the Webhook-Node to Response Mode: "On Received" that it returns directly and then send the response manually either like in this example:

or by sending the Response to the URL which you did receive via the Webhook-Node.

Sadly will there currently always be the message “Workflow got started” be displayed.

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Yeah, “Workflow got started” is always
Some workflow for chat through email wants just “nothing” among communications of slack

Zapier has an option like “silent mode”. I don’t know how they did. Hook json to this node which has this option, will return nothing. I could choose this if I 'm sure that everything done well…