I want to send a http POST request to an api, which accepts a file and returns some response

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I am a complete noob, please help me make a post request to an api with a file

What is the error message (if any)?

I’m not getting any error message, i just want to figure out, how to do this, as i’m lost in the other discussions.

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Hey @Harshi,

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It all depends on what your API is expecting, One way you can do it is like the below which downloads our logo and posts it to webhook.site in the body.

I suspect @Harshi wants to replicate the HTTP Request in the “Code1” node. That is, it has to include formData parameters.

  formData: {
    file: {
      value: Buffer.from(data, 'base64'),
      options: {
        filename: binaryData.fileName,
        contentType: binaryData.mimeType,
    minimum_severity: 'Info',
    active: 'true',
    verified: 'true',
    scan_type: 'Nessus Scan',
    product_name: 'ProductName',
    engagement_name: 'EngagementName',
    close_old_findings: 'true',
    push_to_jira: 'false',
    environment: 'Production',

This could be done by extending Jon’s configuration as below (just some of them included for demo purpose)

And the outcome of this configuration

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