I would like to import the .sql database of n8n from my own server to the service provided by n8n


For few months I used n8n on my own server but recently I add some troubles.

I succeeded to backup the .sql of the database
Is it possible that a team help me to import it inside the serveur n8n that I am paying monthly ?
So I can have access to all my workflow ?

Thank you

Hi @joffreypersia :wave:

It’s great that you thought to export your workflows! While you can’t import a database file to n8n cloud, since you have the workflows, you can import them one-by-one through the import feature. You can find more information about that here: Export and import | n8n Docs

You wouldn’t have access to the CLI on cloud, so you’d be looking at importing them through the UI.

If you’d like to be able to import in bulk from a backup, might I suggest making a feature request for this in this section of the forum? The product team reads it regularly, so it’s the best place to ask for features :slight_smile:

Hi @EmeraldHerald

I don’t have the workflows… I just have the SQL. So I can’t do anything ?


Hi @joffreypersia, looks like you are an n8n cloud user now. Directly importing data from .sql files isn’t a functionality offered by n8n cloud.

Can you confirm what database you were using when you were running your own server? If your backup is simply a copy of your previous SQLite database, I’d suggest simply copying it into your local ~/.n8n directory, then starting n8n locally as suggested here in the docs.

Once your local instance is running, you can then copy over your workflows from your local instance to n8n cloud as suggested by @EmeraldHerald above.

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