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Has anyone managed to create an automation where a user uploads an ID, the ID is OCR-ized (e.g. with Mindee) and the data from the OCR is parsed into a .DOC (Google Doc) and a PDF?

Please share your workflow

I am thinking of a flow like: upload ID in a Google Form or in Google Drive + OCR my Mindee + transfer data to Google Doc + transfer data to PDF (PDFfiller).

Appreciate any tip๐Ÿ™

Hey @Cris_Bar,

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I have not done this with n8n but assuming Mindee supports it the the steps you have should pretty much be it, It would be worth just adding the Google Drive Drive node and Mindee to a workflow and giving it a go.

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Here is a blog article from a few years back on a related usecase: Automatically Adding Expense Receipts to Google Sheets with Telegram, Mindee, Twilio, and n8n ๐Ÿงพ โ€“ n8n Blog

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