IF module not working properly?

I’m using this workflow to grab some Google Calendar events and make them into zoom meetings. It’s mostly working, except the IF module doesn’t seem to be doing what it should.

My current test scenario (today’s calendar events) include “test”, and two canceled events (where “transparent” is set to “transparent”).

{{$node["Google Calendar"].json["transparency"]}}
Not contains

The “true” output lists the event that I want to pass to the Zoom module (the one labeled “test”), but when I run the zoom module, the event that gets created is the first one in the “false” output. I have the “true” output connected to the zoom module, and the “false” output is not connected to anything.

As a test, I reversed the logic so “transparent” events go to true, otherwise events to go false.

{{$node["Google Calendar"].json["transparency"]}}

Then the IF module shows the two “transparent” events in the true output, and the “test” event in the false output.

With the true output connected to the Zoom module, the two “transparent” events get created, as you would expect.

Then I connect the False output to the Zoom input, and I get the same result: the first “transparent” event gets created as a zoom meeting.

Can you please share the expression you are using in the zoom node?

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Ah, yes, good call. That’s probably the problem.

Meeting with {{$node["Google Calendar"].json["summary"]}}

I replaced it with
Meeting with {{$node["IF Zoom meeting"].json["summary"]}}

and made a few other similar replacements, and now it is working! Thank you!

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