IF node continues without output instead of stopping, and forces next node to run with no data/items

The IF node is somehow continuing the ‘true’ output even though there are no items that are true. This is causing an error on the next node, as it’s forcing it to run even though there’s clearly no items being passed through.

Any idea why this is happening?

Note: The 2 images are from different executions, that’s why you see 77 items in the first image, and 76 in the second. The issue is the same between both.

Do you have a merge node somewhere after the ‘Remove line items’ node?

If items flow into one branch of a merge node, it will go back and execute the other branch. (This is behaviour that will change in n8n soon).

If that’s not the problem, please share an anonymised version of your workflow and your n8n version number if you’d like more help. Thanks

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Yes I do, can confirm that this was happening because of the merge nodes.

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