IF Node: Help us improve it with your feedback!

Hello n8n community :wave:

We’re currently focusing on the If node and we would love to hear from you about your experience with it:

  • What are the pain points that you face while using it?
  • Are there any features you wish it had?
  • Any specific use-cases where it didn’t perform as expected? (you can also refer to threads on the community)

Thanks in advance for any feedback :raised_hands:,
looking forward to reading your thoughts and suggestions!


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When I started using n8n it took a while until I understood that the IF node is actually a filter (from which I expect a different behavior as a developer). Maybe making the wording more clear in the editor could help beginners getting started faster.


Hi @studioafraz,
thanks for the feedback :pray:

I wish it had as similar interface to the code node, or we had a code node with multiple outputs.

I know you can write some javascript inside {{}}, but the interface for expressions is a little clunky and sometimes slow. If I have several AND or OR conditions I wish I could just write them instead of clicking a bunch and then inputting the expressions for each one.

As it is now I often run a code node that outputs true or false and then just have that evaluated by the if node.


Could you please stop messing up the (stable) Core features/UI/UX just for the sake of change?!

(Not an exhaustive) list of the victims:

  • Function/Code node (probably, the most important node, doesn’t have the IntelliSense anymore since the Monaco editor was removed, and no fullscreen yet!!)

  • Split in Batches node (so many nonoptimal changes)

  • $('node-name').item.json syntax which still doesn’t work half the time, in Expressions. Have to resort to $node["node-name"].json every time.

  • The latest (significant and negative) UX change: removal of the (clickable) shortcuts from the nodes (Enable/Disable/Duplicate/Delete)…just WHY?

  • There’s still no alternative for StaticData but these cosmetic and detrimental UI/UX changes are abound

  • And of course, the uncalled for, blanket pay-walling of most of the new features (for non-enterprise self-hosters)

Hi, i am a very early beginner, but something not clear re- “IF” for me is to remember when to use it with a loop or not. Just an idea

About the removal of the shortcuts: I actually liked the change. There were many buttons in the past, now there are only 2: run and menu. You can also right-click the node or use a shortcut for the missing actions.

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Thanks for the precious feedback :pray:
We’ll keep that in mind in the next week and try to improve your experience using n8n.

FYI the Code node fullscreen is coming very soon :slight_smile:

@n8n_user_20 can you provide more details about the pain points in using the new Split in Batches node?