IF together with email node issue

I have an IF node that checks if 2 records share the same email address. If they do, notify me via email.

The issue is that even if the records do not have matching email addresses, I am still being sent an email, but with no data asides from the text I have added to the email body, ie none of the merged json data.

When I look at the true out put for the IF statement is shows 1 record (in this test there should be no records) and the record json is


If there is a record that does have a duplicate email address then it sends me the correct email with the correct data.

How can I stop the email node sending me empty emails?

Hi @Robm, sounds like you are passing an empty item to your Send Email node. You might want to add an additional IF node to ensure the fields used in your email are not empty before the Send Email node (for example using the Is Empty operation of the node).

A simple solution - thank you.