I'm getting 429 errors on https request

Hi all. New here. Like what I’ve seen of n8n so far.

I am running into this issue - I’m getting a 429 error. The API I’m calling returns saying that I exceeded 200 requests per hour. However, I have only done maybe 10 at best, while connecting it to n8n and running test GETs.

How can this be explained? Does n8n hit this API multiple times on each request?

Thank you

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Welcome to the community @arrrgr!

As the question is very generic and does not disclose important information like the Service or what exactly is done, I can sadly not give a very exact answer as it really depends on that. Some node actions will make a single request when they run, while others make multiple (as they, for example also have to collect information first or one has to be made for every item).

For example, will a “Get Many” of almost every node potentially make a lot of calls. After all, most APIs just return a limited number of results at a time. So if the API returns, for example, 100 entries max, and there are 20k entries, it has to make 200 calls.
Similar to a “Create”, not all APIs have batching support. So if 1k entries have to get created and it does not support batching, n8n will have to make at least 1k API calls.

I hope that is helpful

If you provide additional information, we can probably give you more insights and potentially help you with that problem.

Hi Jan, thank you for your response. I am calling the appollo.io API. Specifically https://api.apollo.io/v1/organizations/enrich

It returns a payload with (I believe) 64 points of json data.

Just in case, here is the documentation Apollo API Reference

I tested it a half dozen times, as I was hooking it up and then ran it maybe 3 times after it got hooked up. And the 4th time I got the 429.

Thank you

Ahhh, so you are not using a special node for a service you are using the HTTP Request node?

In this case, n8n always just makes one request.

Did you check out what the response headers say? Because they give information about the usage they saw and maybe help with getting closer to a solution. Here the link:

Yes, the headers say I exceeded 200 calls per hour. Oh well.

Kind of getting something similar with n8n’s urlscan integration. I only called it 3 times but it tells me I’m over the limit.

I just switched my urlscan setting from private scans to public scans (limit 60 per minute), tried one scan and am told I have exceeded my limit (this was my first public scan)

Any fixes for this?

thank you

Hey @arrrgr,

Can you share the full page including the input items view along with the error? The API is not happy about something we need to be able to see everything to work it out.

Can you also confirm the n8n version you are using and how you are running it as you missed that from the template.

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Hello. I have updated the information below. Still running into this issue.

I really want to get over it and fall in love with n8n

Hey @arrrgr,

Can you share the full page (a screenshot) including the input items view along with the error?

Hi @arrrgr, it seems you are passing on 1927 items to your HTTP Request node. n8n would make a request for every single of these items.

You probably want to take a look at the batching options this node offers. This would allow you to throttle your requests:


Okay, that fixed it. Thank you.

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