I'm launching a massive course soon. Can v. 1.0 ruin my materials?

I’m going to launch a massive course on n8n, involving 20+ use cases, like Telegram bots, Chat GPT, Embeddings and so on.

And now I learn that v 1.0 is going to launch soon. Will it ruin my video materials? Like major interface change or some important principles?

@Jon , sorry for bothering. I’m very worrying that my course could become obsolete, at least visually, right on my release. This is very important for me.

Can you tell me, will the 1.0 version look like current versions? And will we be able n 0.x version if difference are too big?

Hi @artildo, there are no massive visual differences to worry about. This is the canvas:

Node details view:

You can actually test out [email protected] already if you want to be safe. Assuming you are using Docker already, simply run this command (take a backup of your database beforehand or use a new directory, if you want to roll back afterwards):

docker run -it --rm --name n8n -p 5678:5678 -v ~/.n8n:/home/node/.n8n docker.n8n.io/n8nio/n8n:1.0.1

Make sure to take a look at the migration guide though to avoid being caught by any unexpected surprises.


@MutedJam Thank you so much. I put so much effort in this course, 50+ videos. Looks pretty the same.


Really cool! Looking forward to it!

Visually should really not be a problem. But there are a two changes which could potentially be an issue for you:

  • Execution Order
  • Workflow failures due to expression errors

You can read more about them here: n8n v1.0 migration guide


@jan, thank you. This kind of changes I can highlight in a call out. For me it would be a fail to see the release visually obsolete on start. I record around 40 videos and that would be a pity.

If i succeed with my native language, I hope to record an English version of the course.

It includes live 2-way sync of databases, web scraping, news summarization TG bot, webhooks from online cashiers (used FlutterFlow for that), from CRMs and email platforms, voice and image recognition, voice commands for databases via ChatGPT, chatting with documents and Notion using OpenAI embeddings and Flowise, and much more.


Generally, would those changes actually require that the workflow is built differently. But in the cases it matters, you can tell people in the callout to switch to v0 mode in the settings to make it work again.

Really cool. Sounds great! Will then probably not be able to understand much but hope it is successful and an English version is on the horizon soon.

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Jan, thank you, your words really inspire me!

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