Imap trigger with gmail tag

Hi, I have a very simple workflow that is supposed to trigger when I receive an email with a specific tag. Plus it should mark the email as read.

If I take a mail from my inbox and assign the tag the workflow is triggered but the email is not marked read. If I let Gmails filter do the job the workflow is not triggered but my email is marked read.

Any idea what the difference could be?


I tested all sorts of cases and all worked well. I don’t now why the trigger didn’t work that time I really needed it to work but I cannot simulate any failure. So I apologise that this thread is void.

One other thing I figured out … is that if I execute a node the workflow actually stops even though the workflow is switched on. Don’t know if it is suppose to be like that?!
Is there some way to watch a workflow work? That is … I want to look a the trigger log … and receive the message from the connected node … which didn’t work that way when I tested.

Hey @daniello!

I am glad that it worked out for you!

Even if your workflow is active and you click on the Execute Node button, n8n will only execute that particular node. This is helpful while you’re developing the workflow. But once you set it to Active, you don’t have to click on the Execute Node button to run the node or the workflow. The workflow will execute whenever it’s triggered.

If your workflow is set to active, you will not be able to see the output result in the Editor UI. But if you want to check your executions you can do that by selecting the ‘Executions’ options from the left sidebar.

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