Implementing variant of OAuth2 to custom node

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I am creating a node for Pocket that uses a variant of OAuth2. I tried implementing with the existing OAuth2 methods that are provided by n8n, however, that doesn’t work.
Pocket uses only the Consumer Key instead of the traditional Client ID and Secret. Also, the redirect URI and the Consumer Key are needed to be sent with the body as a POST request. I wasn’t able to achieve this using the existing method.

Can someone please help and let me know how this can be achieved?


Hey @harshil1712,

Welcome back!

Bad news on this one sadly, At the moment there isn’t any magic to add in non standard implementations of oauth but we have recently brought the oauth 2 package into our code base to give us more control so this might be something we can provide in the future.

I will pop this on the ideas list for the product list, This doesn’t help you right now though and sadly I don’t have a workaround.


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