Improve google sheet node [GOT CREATED]

n8n gets all the data and also processes all the data. Only the variable selector just displays the data of the first item for simplicity.

In your example above it should actually send 13 Telegram messages. The first one with the data you see in the variable selector and the other 12 with their corresponding data.

In fact in my case I want to use those data in one message.
Can I probably use them by array ([]) or something like that?

In other hand it is very useful to create multi message in telegram messenger

I think we could search a table in google sheet we could query specific data and show it on a message and if it be able it could be great I think:sob::sob::sob::face_with_head_bandage:

I toked RAW DATA :sweat_smile::innocent:

Ah great to hear that you found a solution!

It would also be possible in the regular mode and a Function-Node like this:

As you mentioned here:

You improved “google sheets” more.
Can I ask you one more option please? (I want to know that I know you are very busy:pray:)
Clear Or Delete Option.
This option can delete or Clear one specific row in google sheets

Ah yes, try to add it asap.

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Released [email protected] which now includes the operation “clear”.

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Unfortunately after some test I realize that “Clear” operation is like poison for database in google sheets. It create empty row in a table that cause error when you want to load data from google sheet.
I extremely suggest add “delete” feature to google sheet node for delete a row or range of data in google sheets please?

Dear @jan do you think it is possible for now?

Best regards;

@mooghermez I will have a look and get back to you. But it looks like it will only be possible to define to delete Columns/Rows and then a Start- and End-Index. Did not find anything to delete by “range”.

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That’s it.
The Index is row number-1

Yes, exactly that would be it.

So do you have time to add this feature to google sheets please?

Got added:
Will be released with the next version.

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Got released with [email protected]

Hello dear friends
In my case:
I want to get query from my google spreed sheets. (I have some sheets that I want to get query from some of my tables).
Can anyone help me please?

Update: I think we should have this feature (query) in “Google Sheets” node like “clear” or “delete”, isn’t it?

Really sorry but do not understand what you mean. Can you please try to explain or even better give an example. Thanks!

In google sheets cells I can use query() function to get query from some table to another.
But I want get query from my tables just like postgre or mysql


Really I search the web and see some resources like:

and I want to know could we probably get query straightly from n8n platform?

That would sadly not be very simple. The link you did post does not seem to be helpful for this case. Google would have to supply the functionality via its API here what it sadly does not do.

It would theoretically possible to build something like that ourselves by analyzing the query, requesting the data via their API, transform and merge it accordingly and then return. But that is sadly just theoretically. Practically would it be so much work that it would not be possible unless you are willing to spend a lot of money to pay a developer to write it for you.