Improve workflows & credential ownership transfer / share


Now that I have 10+ users in our instance, sharing workflows becomes more challenging in some situations, such as:
→ There is only 1 workflow owner, that can be off when we need to access his workflow
→ Once an employee leave the company, we cannot transfer all his workflows to another account
→ There can be only 1 admin that can see all instance workflows

In order to improve that, here are a couple of suggestions, that can be found in other solutions:

  1. Allow several users as instance owners/admins
  2. Instance owner/admin can share any workflows with any users
  3. Instance owner/admin can change workflows owners
  4. A workflow can have multiple owners (owner being a role able to add/remove editors/owners to the workflow)
  5. For credentials, instance owner/admin should at least share any credentials with any users

These improvements will be of great help to manage n8n as an enterprise tool

FYI I think as owner if you delete a user you can choose a different user to move all their workflows to.