Improvement to docs navigation

Being worked with UX for a decade, I state that the documentation sub-site should have the logo as a backlink to the main site and the name “documentation” a link to the doc home.

Currently if you are browsing the documentation and want to the forums for example, you need to go to the URL or so.

Where should I make a request and a detailed explanation of why this is a statement instead of an opinion? Is this forum okey or there’s a specific forum for the website collection that supports the n8n project?

Hi @xmontero, thanks for sharing your thoughts! This would be one for @deborah to look at, I’ll make sure to pass on your feedback.

@xmontero thanks for the feedback! If you want to add more info, the best way is probably filing an issue in the docs repo: Issues · n8n-io/n8n-docs · GitHub