Inbound Request Logs

Is there anyway to see the logs of incoming requests to help with debugging issues?

I have a slight complicated self-hosted instance running in EKS behind a secure VPC and I have had things running find with Frontend & Webhook access from within our network as intended. This issue is there were some changes to our network config that appears to have impacted my webhook routing even though my K8s config files are the same. When I try to hit my webhook URLs it seems like its now trying to hit the Editor UI as I am met with a basic auth then a blank page but the HTML content hints that I’m hitting the editor UI and not the server that handles webhooks.

I’m hoping that I can see some logs to understand where my requests are going to that I can make the needed adjustments if it a routing issue and I need to add URL rewrites to my virtual service config.

Hi @techguysimon, I am not an EKS user but it sounds like your looking for access logs here. These can typically be configured in either your reverse proxy or your load balancer config. Personally I am using caddy as a reverse proxy which can be configured as described in their docs. So you would want to check in the respective docs of your load balancer/revers proxy how exactly to configure your logging.

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