Infinit loop

I’m making a request with post method and it is in an infinite loop. It does not bring error or success message, it is just running.
I thought it was some problem in the json that I was sending, I reviewed and tested it via postman… and there it works. Do you have any guesses of what it could be?

I even tested it on some sites, which allow me to test requests and everyone also forwards everything correctly.

The same json in Postman:


Hey @Wellington_Bezerra,

What version of n8n are you using? Any chance of a screenshot showing your node settings?

I’m using 0.140.0


Ah my mistake by settings I meant the options configured for the node.

It may be worth starting with an update to see if the latest release fixes it.

I wonder if the node is erroring, but the error handler never finds the error, hanging the request node forever. If you leave it like that, does it eventually crash the instance?

I would try two things:

As @jon mentioned, updating n8n to its latest version 0.145.0

If the above does not work, set the env variable N8N_USE_DEPRECATED_REQUEST_LIB=true

If none work, then let us know to try to replicate the issue to fix it.