Input Problem for send email via SMTP

Hi everyone!

I have this problem: I would like to send an email via stp when the if value is false (based on a hubspot search of the contact).

The problem is that inside the email there are fields that I need to get from the typeform which is the initial trigger. In the screen I can set the default input? Because it keeps putting the if back as the input value and not the typeform!

Thank you for the help!

Hey @LucaDipa,

As long as you are using something like $('Typeform Trigger').first().json.x in the Send Email node where x is the property you want to use you should be ok.

When you select Typeform Trigger from the input does it show the values? It could be empty if the test data resulted in a true output on the if node so you could connect it to the true output to build your message then move it to false before running it to test.

Hi @Jon ,

thanks for your response! If I select as input typeform, it shows me the data and I can send the email. However, if I exit the trigger configuration and re-click on the trigger, it no longer gives me as input typeform but the if condition!

The workflow works as: condition is that if it doesn’t find the contact in hubspot then it sends an email with the typeform data.

I set the fields as you told me, using this: {{ $node[“Typeform Trigger”].json[“form_response”][“answers”] but don’t work :frowning:

Hey @LucaDipa,

The format you are using is not the same as what I suggested :slight_smile: it should still work though assuming that the data is available to the false branch.

Which version of n8n are you currently running?

I would update those fields to {{ $('Typeform Trigger').first().json['form_response']['answers'] }} and see if that works.

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