Inputs: ['main'] -> what is the point of giving main in inputs? and where can we find the functionality of inputs in the vue file

I want to add a new feature like inputs in INodeTypeDesc and add string array or object array to it how can I do it? @Jon

Hey @121810306029_PRIYANK,

I am not sure why this didn’t alert me, I am not sure why we have “main” as the inputs I would need to some digging. I did wonder if maybe it was something added for the merge node but that uses Main twice as well.

I am not I fully understand what you want to do, we pass json data to the inputs so you would already be able to use arrays as part of that so it could be a change that isn’t needed.

Main is used in almost all inputs and outputs of all nodes

I will see what I can find out about it today.

@Jon could you tell where the inputs and outputs functionality is used in which vue file

Hey @121810306029_PRIYANK,

Looks like workflow.ts could do something with input name of “main” so it could be a risky change, The vue file that adds the inputs is probably going to be the nodes.vue file with the help of the nodeBase.ts file under mixins.

I am still not sure what you actually want to do though, You can already use arrays as inputs and most nodes automatically loop over the incoming items.

Are you sure you are making a change that is actually needed or are you just learning?