Inputs pane in node details view and Custom API calls

A couple of weeks ago I posted here on some cool features that were in advanced stages of our short roadmap
I’m happy to say that yesterday we have released two of them

Read these blog posts by @jaycobski for full details, TL;DR follows below (Data inputs in node details view, Custom API actions)

Data inputs in node details view
Improved data mapping experience, by showing the data of the input node within the current node view.
This is the first step out of a three-fold step of improving the node details view
Firstly, we have added an inputs pane, so you could see the data that the node you are working on is using
In the second stage, we would add the same view to trigger nodes as well
And lastly, drag and drop functionality from the inputs pane into the input boxes in the main parameters view

Custom API actions for existing nodes
The ability to use predefined credentials (i.e. credentials from existing nodes) within the HTTP request node
As we understand that setting up credentials in the HTTP request node can be a real pain, we’ve added the HTTP Request node the ability to use the same way of credentials set up as in the native app nodes.

More coming features like community node repository, data pinning, and easier mapping data are coming soon, stay tuned :wink:


The input/output view is such a great change! Glad to see improvements to usability. Would love to see a Zapier-style input testing feature (While testing a node, you’d be able to recall past executions to test with instead of having to re-trigger it).