Insert Hubspot Deal Data to Google Big Query

Hello Everyone!
I am working on a project which I need to get all the deals inside the CRM Hubspot, but literally all properties of a deal. That’s is because when I try to export csv data inside the platform, it only gives me some properties, there are a few hidden properties that I can’t acess directly.

After using the GET function, it needs to transform the data in a table that each row represents a deal, and all the columns is the property.

When the table is ready, I need to insert this in Google Big Query to store this table.

Does anyone know how to crack this?
Thank you very much in advance.

**Here there are some documentations that I was trying to understand and implement in n8n.

Hi @Daniel_Lindoso, welcome to the community :tada:

It can often make sense to break down a task like this into smaller chunks. So let’s looks at the step fetching your Hubspot deals first.

Are you missing any properties when using the regular n8n node to fetch your deals?

This option should return one item (or row when using the table view) per deal. In case you are using a custom GET request using the HTTP Request, could you perhaps provide an example of the JSON data structure you are currently getting from Hubspot? With this example we can find a way to transform your data.

Hi @MutedJam, thank you very much for your reply.
I am sorry if I did not provide enough image or data to support my question.
Here we go:

This image show the regular n8n node, when I do that, it returns me all the not hidden properties. When I try to include a hidden property (date entered, for example), it wil only show all the hidden properties, but I can put then all together, in order to actually get all the properties at once.

If you have time, it would be perfect to crack this in a meeting call.
Thank you very much in advance

Okay, so from your screenshot it looks like you are using the Deal → Get operation, so fetching individual deals.

I assume by hidden properties you mean properties restricted for certain users as described on Restrict view and edit access for properties? This shouldn’t affect the API used by n8n as per their docs:

Please note: this feature does not provide complete restricted access, so it’s not recommended to use property restrictions as a security measure. Restricted property values are visible in tools where the property is used, such as workflows and reports, and all users, regardless of access, can set or edit restricted properties via import, workflows, HubSpot’s API, or when manually creating a record. To avoid this, you can restrict access to certain objects or applicable tools.

I am however not able to fully test this as my Hubspot account does not allow access to this setting. As for fetching all properties, can you try simply not setting the “Deal Properties Option” at all? When testing this I’d simply get all properties:

This is also how the Hubspot API behaves when using the HTTP Request node (and thus avoid any logic built into the Hubspot node) and even if you don’t use n8n at all from the looks of it:

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