Install new package on the fly with k8s

I wonder how you would install external package “on the fly” without the need to create a custom Dockerfile for this.

Actual behavior is to build a custom Docker file but this makes hard to maintain / upgrade n8n since we need to update the sync between the custom Dockerfile and updates on your side.

My idea is to to create “on the fly” node_modules with k8s capability initContainer.

This would need to :

  • pull official image
  • mount the good volume
  • npm install my-deps
  • lerna …
  • npm build
  • load the mounted volume to see new npm
  • add to env variable.

Hey @Thomas_Pedot, there is no support for this yet but it’s coming soon. Check out this post from @Nivb_6 about our roadmap: Community Code Contributions and Short-Term Roadmap

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