Installing Custom Node

Hi, I am self hosting an n8n instance. I wanted to know how I could install a custom node in my n8n and also have no issues when updating in future.

Also I wanted to try that in the desktop version too.


Hey @zocket, the suggested approach is described here: Creating n8n-nodes-module | Docs (in the “Use the n8n-nodes-module in production” section).

For the desktop version I think you can head to the node_modules folder of your app (the full path would be C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Programs\n8n\resources\app\node_modules if you’re using Windows) and run the npm install command from the aformentioned doc in there (you’d need to have Node.js & npm installed for that, of course).

Hey @MutedJam (or another n8n-member in this regard), I’m trying to do something similar.
Currently I’m hosting n8n locally via npm, included even some custom nodes and everything works fine.
Now I want to do the same with the Windows desktop application (include my custom nodes).
I followed @MutedJam 's approach, went to the folder location they recommended and tried to run the commands stated in the link (npm install, npm run build, npm link).
But when I run “npm run build” it just says that there is no script for “build”.
Where does the command find the package.json file to run “build”? Following the path there is none in the directory.
Any help or directions would be appreciated!

So the linked page suggest running git clone n8n-nodes-weather. This command clones the repository into a folder named n8n-nodes-weather. You would need to change into this very folder (using cd n8n-nodes-weather) and should be able to execute the npm install and npm run build commands in there.

That said, I know some folks are planning a live session on building nodes and workflows. I think the exact details aren’t fully ironed out yet, but you might want to keep an eye on n8n’s social media channels or this forum :slight_smile:

If you simply want to install an existing custom node, this will be possible very soon right through the UI, no additional commands required.

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I see!
Thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:
I will get to it as you suggested

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