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I’m trying to port my script from integromt to n8n and I’m having some problems:
1.Did not find information on how to get the sum of two variables

2.Integromat has functions for number format. This tool creates 32390.3125 from 32390.3125

  1. You can also format data in the integromat. For example: from commo I get a date like 8 am. But this module creates 8:00 from 8 am - in my case it is very important

Maybe someone knows how to solve this issue

Welcome to the community @Kirill_Lutskovich!

Everything within curly brackets is JavaScript. So it would be:

{{ value1 + value2 }}

There are normally never curly brackets within curly brackets.

I hope that helps!

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For this you use the Date & Time node in n8n.

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