Integrate Rate Limit

Hey - I’m working on a workflow that creates a List on Hubspot based on email deliverability.
If the email is deliverable, go to List A; if not go to List B.

I’ve performed a test by adding an “item List” node with a “Limit” operation to send only two items and it seems to be working.

Now, I need to process the same with around 1000 items and would like to be sure of the structure of my Workflow before burning all my API deliverability check credits.

Looking at the API documentation provides me with the following information: “Bouncer will return best possible results that it will be able to gather within 10 seconds (maximum 30).”

I’m thinking of Split in Batches, but not sure how to set it up correctly to respect the prescribed time.

What do you advise?

Thanks a lot !

Hi @fischera, seeing the limit is from a service you’re calling using the HTTP Request node, my suggestion would be to use the node’s batching options. This will allow you to configure how many requests you want to make in a given time.

This is how it looks in the current version of the HTTP Request node:


The example values from the screenshot above would result in one request per 10 seconds.

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Perfect , thanks @MutedJam

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