Integration basecamp 3

Basecamp is one of the most project management software. However they don’t focus on report.
Please consider to integration with two API:

I second this. A lot of users using Basecamp might have never even hear of “

Third party integration alternatives for Basecamp 3 while abundant, are not as versatile/customizable as that of n8n (except zapier, which isn’t self-hosted)

@1112 welcome to the community.

The API is quite large. What resources/operations are you interested in aside from the to-do resource that was already requested by hailm.

Hi all,
here some tricks to connect to basecamp
How to set auth :

Create an app

Set Oauth2 n8n credential (must have ?type=web_server)
Auth :
token :

https get project example
where xxxxxxx is your basecamp id

Must have User-Agent Header correctly formated /ex :

Et Voila!


Had trouble setting up our Basecamp this worked!